— What is “Culture Bridge Exchange Programme” ?

The basics of our programme centre around introducing young, passionate English-speaking youths to open-minded and adventurous Chinese families who are normally looking for some assistance with childcare and the opportunity to improve their language skills. Beyond that, the terms of the exchange are deliberately flexible. We encourage hosts and students to openly communicate about what they are looking for in an exchange and collectively create something that works for everybody.

— Culture bridgers in our programme.

In a nutshell, our participants are young
people who experience
otherwise-inaccessible cultural
activities by staying with a welcoming
Chinese host family. They generally
help their hosts with childcare (such as
homework, bringing children to and
from school and playing with them in
the evenings) and have responsibility
for some of the household chores. Over
the course of the two- to six-month
programme, culture bridgers become
actively involved in family life - living,
eating and doing recreational activities
together, learning from each other in
the process. Culture bridgers on our
programme also benefit from our
tailor-made language classes and
regular cultural excursions, which we consider a central feature of the
exchange programme.

— Aid in foreign language learning

Speak with your hosts in your language to help them build up their language skills;
Share your language-learning tips and tricks;
Help children with their homework and to prepare for tests;
Help with some translation or proofreading every so often.

— Get to know another culture

Go to movies, read books and share feelings and ideas with each other; Exercise and travel together, join in with festivals and gatherings
of friends and relatives; Experience Chinese cuisine and learn to cook in a new style;
Discuss and exchange culture and customs
Share hobbies and interests with one another.

— Help take care of the children

Play with the children to create an immersive foreign
language environment for them; Read bedtime stories;
Tell them about where you come from and teach them about your
culture and its customs;
Help them get ready for school in the morning.

— Assist with the housework

Assist in the preparation of simple meals;
Muck in with the washing up
Help keep your host’s home nice and tidy
Take the dog for walks (or other pet-related things).