— About CB

Culture Bridge specialises in creating cultural
exchange programs in Hanghzou, China. Our
Exchange Programme focuses on introducing high
profile young people from around the world to
conduct 1-12 month home stays with Chinese
families in and around Zhejiang Province. It’s a
scheme that benefits everyone - participants can
become fully immersed in the exciting world of
chinese language, culture and local life, while host
families can learn from their guests and receive help
such as childcare and household tasks.

— CB Philosophy

We are committed to promoting East-West cultural
collaboration by establishing a safe and reliable
network for our applicants and families
benefits of intercultural education and exchange,
joining the pioneering new era of internationalization
in China.

— CB Selection system

Our comprehensive application process includes all the
necessary documentation to put the minds of host
families and exchange candiates at ease. This includes
an application form, criminal records check,
self-recommendation and reference letters,
and academic transcripts - all verified by our expert
employees. To ensure our culture bridgers have high
English proficiency they also conduct an oral interview.

— Who are we

Culture Bridge was founded by Mickey and Yvonne after experiencing the huge benifits of
overseas study. Armed with an understanding of foreign culture and western educational
philosophy, we have since devoted ourselves to furthering cultural exchange between the
East and West. We live and breathe Hangzhou, one of China’s most vibrant and booming
cities, and want to share it with the world. Our team is young, passionate and has a
truly international outlook, with expertise in foreign languages and experience studying
aboard. We use our unique skillset to provide market-leading professional consultancy and
pairing services.

+86 199 6748 7390
Room 07-108, Gonglian Building, 292 Yan'an Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China